July 16, 2009

Stellastarr* - Civilized (2009)

He says: Stellastarr* has a recurrent knack for writing songs that I feel like I can sign along with the first time I hear them. I accredit this to the infectious oohs, aaahs, and la la las that are paired with *'s repetitious and concise power pop & pop punk choruses. There are no let-downs on Civilized, an album that is much more lively power pop and punk than indie dance rock, like off of *'s debut album, Stellastarr*, or melodious love songs, off of their sophomore effort, Harmonies For The Haunted. In fact, I don't think I have ever heard a * song that I didn't like. Single worthy tracks like "Numbers" and "Warchild" have been available via the social networking outlets for some time now, so these tracks may have had some of their power diluted, but the other songs, like the playful "Prom Zombie," the touching "Sonja Cries," and the rambunctiously rockin' "Robot" all encompass the unique sound and style that only * possess and has mastered. Fun power pop all the way on this one, great for both loyal fans and Stellastarr* newbies alike.


awmercy said...

Apparently we all love singing and dancing along to Stellastarr*. Rad.