July 25, 2009

Spinnerette - Spinnerette (2009)

The Spinnerette debut album was just released in June, and my first impression is that I may not be cool enough to listen to this in public, for fear of embarrassing myself with crazy air drumming and guitar riffs. I was a huge fan of Brody Dalle and the Distillers, so needless to say was totally bummed when they broke up. The Spinnerette is Brody's new band, which totally kicks ass. I kind of feel like she has graduated to another level of artistic freedom, in that the Distillers were an awesome hardcore punk band, and no disrespect to them, but that's all they were. And as much as I liked em', it's kind of like that old saying "it is what it is", they were never going to change a whole lot, and did not offer that much room for growth as Brody the singer*. However, the Spinnerette has a whole different style, sort of melodic punk, with a dark futuristic sound. Her vocals obviously are the standout, but the new band has a lot more talent as overall musicians. Tracks like "Ghetto Love", "Cupid", and "All Babes are Wolves" make me want to say fuck it and get another tattoo, preferably on my neck. I am pretty sure that I will be hearing this played a lot in dark bars that house dangerous patrons, where the bartender's sporting a pink mohawk and a corset, smoking a cigarette, and no one seems to notice.

*Hope that made sense


Mona said...

Whoa, suggestive album art award winner for '09?

Mona said...

Dude, where's the summer short list!?