June 8, 2009

Paula Sinclair - Steady Girl (2009)

It is no secret that I have a soft spot in my heart for female country singers. Nothing makes me happier than when I hear a woman with a mature voice belting out a tune from her gut. I was recently introduced to Paula Sinclair's new album, Steady Girl, and instantly fell in love with almost every single song. Her from-the-heart lyrics reveals a lady in search of love, but also hardened by the sadness romance often brings.

Sinclair commands attention from her very first track "Something Sweeter", and honestly, heartache has never sounded better. The fact that she has relocated from Kentucky to Portland only makes me love her more. Steady Girl also includes a cover of Steve Earle's "Fearless Heart", which I think is even better than the original (granted Earle wrote that song in 1986). Sinclair's rendition is warmer, more soulful, and is actually one of my favorites on the album.

Having been disappointed by Lucinda Williams' recent recordings, Paula Sinclair easily takes a firm position in my top favorites among the likes of Emmylou Harris, Loretta Lynn, and Caitlin Cary.

Other favorites on the album include: "Medicine Burn", "Blue-Eyed Kentucky Boy," and "Looking for Love".


Brasilliant said...

I'm sad I missed her Portland performance back in May, but hope to see her at LaurelThirst in July.

ve1cro said...

Sold and sold. I've always trusted your opinion on the ladies...

awmercy said...

If you want to check out her older album, Avalanche, right now it is free (and legal) on Amie Street Music.

Overall, it's not as strong as Steady Girl, but there are still a couple great songs.