June 29, 2009

NightraiN's Shummer Short List

William Elliott Whitmore - Animals In The Dark. Absolutely fantastic vocals on this one. With tracks like "Lifetime Underground," "Hell Or High Water," and "Old Devils" leading the way, Animals In The Dark plays like a beloved album from a long-gone era.

Murder City Devils @ The Great American Music Hall. What a show this was: Drunk performers, beer showers, a surging crowd, and all the songs you would demand from one of the hardest rocking, hardest partying bands of the last decade.

The Builders and The Butchers - Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well. Fantastic sophomore album that induces the head to bob, toes to tap, and the body to shake. Solid from beginning to end, this unique sounding band puts together an album that matches the enthusiasm and energy of their live performances.

Fires Of Rome - You Kingdom You. My album of the year so far. Great rock n roll tunes that both impress and entertain. Love the tracks "Damn Lament," "Love Is A Burning Thing," and "Bronx Bombardier." Party Time!

Auto-tune(ing) The News. Addicting and very quotable, shortaaay... "What you trying to say about Iowa?"... Should Auto-Tune continue to produce? "My brain says 'NO,' but my body says 'YES!'"... and making fun of Sean Hannity (The Real Angry Gorilla)... "surely you jest, I'm under cardiac arrest!" Damn good stuff, shortay!


awmercy said...

Oh man. I was going to do auto-tune the news. It's so good.

Which one is your favorite?

Nightrain said...

Dude, your summer short list is seriously lagging.