June 29, 2009


Chicago based Nachtmystium goes back to their roots with a 4 song EP, Doomsday Derelicts which melts my face off. "Hellish Overdose" is the jam to crank up while floating down the Russian River drinking PBR.

Seattle based Black Breath released their first 4 song EP, Razor To Oblivion. This thrash-core is just what I'm into right now. Its kind of like cooking up speed metal and hardcore, and injecting it straight into my jugular. The title track, "Razor To Oblivion" is my #1 on the EP.

Katharsis is from Germany. The album is called Fourth Reich. 5 song album. Most songs are over 10 minutes. Same old Katharsis, ripping my guts out of my throat black metal. Album is so brutal. "Eucharistick Funereal" is my top song. I felt like I needed to go burn down a church to calm down after I listened to this record for the first time.

Xasthur's latest masterpiece, All Reflections Drained is mostly instrumental, and it is just as depressing as the rest of Xasthur's albums. SO GOOD. Not a great BBQ record, but super good to light some candles to, run a bath, and hold a toaster above your head.

Cold Cave a.k.a Wesley Eishold releases the super limited 12" Edsel & Ruby. This is a guilty pleasure. It sounds like if The Cure's Head On The Door, and Joy Division's Closer pumped out a kid on vinyl. The first song "Love Comes Close" is going to be on my record player way too long. It kind of makes me want to see if I can get to 2nd base with anybody on my couch.  The DIY sleeve also makes me want to use the word cute...... WTF?


ve1cro said...

Thanks for bringing a little bit of stellar metal to my life!

Justin_Slaughter said...

Im trying my best! You love metal.... gemini's are totally pissed off all the time, right?