June 12, 2009

Mad Caddies @ Velvet Jones

Just before halftime of the Lakers/Magic NBA Finals Game 4 I passed by Velvet Jones on my way to watch the game at SB Brew Co. I cruised in and found out that SB County (Solvang to be exact) locals Mad Caddies would be playing later that night. After beers and dinner at Brew Co., I returned to catch a band I'd heard a lot about but never really heard. The opener was Tommy and the High Pilots, a local Santa Barbara band with a shitload of energy and talent to boot. They played an awesome set of indie pop that, no matter how I tried, I couldn't figure out who to compare them to. In my book, that's a good thing. Killer vocals, great music, and an original sound. Definitely check them out on MySpace, or live if you get the chance. After a long intermission the Mad Caddies took to the stage with a ska number that got everyone psyched. Being a local band, the Caddies have a huge following in SB, and that definitely contributed to the quality of the show. I didn't find their music to be great by any means, but they put on a good show and the crowd was super into it, so it worked. In the end, Mad Caddies are veterans and deserve a listen, but I think there are better options in the realm of ska/punk. Either way, their live show was enjoyable, even to a non-fan. If you are a fan of this genre, I'm sure you've heard/seen the Caddies enough to make your own call. Cheers!


awmercy said...

I love when I randomly stumble upon a show.