March 8, 2009

Top 5 M. Ward Songs

In honor of last night's M. Ward concert at the Aladdin, here are my top 5 favorite M. Ward songs as of today. He played 3 of them. Not bad.
  1. "Four Hours In Washington"
    I love the way this song captures that desperate intensity of late night sleeplessness.

  2. "Magic Trick"
    I've always been a fan of boisterous sing-alongs.

  3. "To Save Me" (featuring Jason Lytle)
    And Beach Boys' do do do's.

  4. "Chinese Translation"
    This song reminds me of my buddy's wedding.

  5. "Vincent O'Brien"
    The tortured artist, so sad and romantic. Lenka does a pretty good version too.


Mona said...

I can't believe how jazzed you are, still, about this performance. You've been to a crapload of shows in the last few months, but is it safe to say so far this one is at the #1 spot?

awmercy said...

Hmmmm. Blitzen Trapper's show in December was pretty awesome too, but yeah maybe.

Photogbrett said...

I really like his new's sick. I thought Post-War would be an my all time favorites of M.'s, but I was sold on Hold Time after "Never Had Nobody Like You," which should be somewhere on this list.

awmercy said...

I agree. "Never Had Nobody Like You" is pretty great. Seeing it live sealed the deal. I'd say for me it's a close #6 for me.