January 15, 2009

The White Barons – Up All Night With the White Barons (2007)

I found out about this band via lead singer The Baroness Eva von Slut, who sings in another band, “The Merry Widows”, which I previously mentioned as my favorite show of 08’. This punk band hits harder than the Ravens-Titans playoff game. My initial thought upon hearing the Barons was, I think I heard this in the crime van at 3am, and if not, Dr Diggs this is a must have. For all of you who have not ridden in the crime van and don’t get the reference, I would say it’s a similar experience to dating a stripper. At first, you find yourself saying things like, “I can’t believe we just did that”, and “I am pretty sure there is 50/50 chance we are going to jail tonight, but I don’t care, this is way too awesome.” And when it’s over, you’ve done a number of things you’re not proud of, but would do again in a second. Songs like, “I’m Not Sorry”, “How High”, “Suicide Mission”, and “Reckless” pay perfect homage to situations like these. Eva's lyrics are full of drug induced stoopers, narcissistic needs, and no apologies. Fuming guitar riffs, and jarring drums are a must with Eva the Baroness, and the Barons definitely oblige. So if your New Year’s resolution is to acquire some additional scars and a new liver, get your hands on “Up All Night With the Barons.”


awmercy said...

I'll have to check them out. The album art alone is worth the purchase.

awmercy said...

WTF! How come eMusic has different, and definitely more tame, album art? LAME.

Doctor Diggs said...

I like this review. And it came at a fitting time because (drum roll please) THE CRIME VAN IS UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!!! now all i need are some down ass homies, a copy of this album, and a high school party. You know what i like about high school girls? i get older, and they are whores. haha!