January 24, 2009

Bon Iver - Blood Bank EP (2009)

The track “Blood Bank,” both lyrically and musically, is an excellent piece of song-writing that would have been a welcome addition to For Emma, Forever Ago. Musical simplicity joins Justin Vernon's yearning vocals and continues that feeling of haunting solitude that For Emma established so well. “Beach Baby” features one of my favorite instruments of all time, the slide guitar, and although it is quite good, it is far too short.

Those two songs get my blessing, while the other two just bore the shit out of me. I keep listening to “Woods,” and think out loud, “Why the hell did he have to go a use Kanye West’s vocal machine and ruin his sound?” Damn, vocoders are so lame, unless they are being used to prank call people. And “Babys” is four and a half minutes of annoying plunky piano. Seriously, those two tracks will forever be skipped.

So really, this is like half an EP (maybe more like a Single with bonus tracks) and "Blood Bank" is the only feature that really continues Vernon’s efforts in solid fashion.