October 18, 2008

Annuals - Such Fun (2008)

I like the Annuals. I like their shambolic indie rock and the first half of the album is lots of fun. It's a little more polished than Be He Me, more along the lines of their song on the Wet Zoo split EP. Over all, the band sounds tighter. They work in a little punk guitar strum before breaking into pop shimmer, never straying to far from a melody. I especially like the rhythmic guitar on "Hot Night Hounds" and the stuttering drums on "Springtime". "Down The Mountain" adds a little country to the mix. However, none of the songs on the second half of the album stand out, slipping by pleasantly, but without leaving much of an impression. I had higher hopes for this album.


Mona said...

Hey, did you know this album cover is an actual Bob Ross painting? lol, I just found out.