April 21, 2008

Annuals - Wet Zoo EP (2008)

Actually this is a split EP with Sunfold, basically, the same band, except fronted by the guitarist. The three Annuals songs are more of the wonderfully catchy indie pop found on Be He Me, although they're a little less experimental and a little more like the Shins, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. "Around Your Neck" is my favorite, with it's jangly guitar, peppy clapping and sing-a-long chorus. The Sunfold tracks sound like bland alternative pop/rock. If this EP was on vinyl it would rarely be flipped over.


kstrait35 said...

just wondering---do you only review recent albums? any reissues/classics?

awmercy said...

I've only been reviewing new stuff so far, but people can review whatever they want. Did you want to review a classic?