April 20, 2008

The Kills - Midnight Boom (2008)

The first song I heard by the Kills was "Wait" on their first album "Keep on Your Mean Side". They were very bluesy, sort of down and dirty sounding, like they recorded in the Mississippi Delta somewhere. Their new album Midnight Boom however, is drastically different. It sounds like the Mississippi garage band got signed, moved to the bright lights of New York City, changed their sound to pop, then starting writing about new fashions, clubs and designer drugs, most of which I do not understand, and 99% of the time I would write this band off, call their new shit lame and move on. Not so with Midnight Boom. This album rips. The first song "U.R.A Fever" completely draws you in and demands your attention which is followed by "Cheap and Cheerful", one of the best pump up the party, dance your face off jams I have heard in years. "M.E.X.I.C.O.C.U" and "Alphabet Pony" offer some very creative riffs, as well as song writing, which come together to make a delightful gumbo of craziness. The album does have some weak spots though. A few times I found myself skipping songs, and "Sour Cherry" sounded too much like the Breeders, I hate the fucking Breeders. Over all, I would definitely recommend this album not only because Jamie Hince on guitar completely rocks, but Alison Mosshart sounds like one of those super hot punker chicks you meet at a local dive bar on a Wednesday, beats you soundly at pool, and almost gets you beat up three times before the nights over, a bad idea but sooo much fun.


awmercy said...

Sweet review. This album definitely caught me off guard, but I keep coming back to the best tracks, especially "Cheap and Cheerful". To me it sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a late night out in the city.

Nightrain said...

I'm a fan of "Tape Song;" however, I think my favorite moment on the album is the gritty smokers cough that Mosshart forces out at the beginning of "Cheap and Cheerful." Captures the Wednesday night rocker chick image perfectly.

The video can be viewed at: www.myspace.com/thekills