May 1, 2008

The Little Ones - Terry Tales & Fallen Gates EP (2008)

I saw these guys open for Voxtrot a while back and have been waiting for them to finally release their album. Instead, they were dropped by their label and released an EP instead. No complaints here. I love indie pop EPs. This one's a short burst of upbeat Carribean steel drum infused pop (at least on the spirited "Boracay" anyway, but the island sentiment if not the instrumentation is in all the songs). I love the way the guitar lines ring out (ping?). It's a sing-along album for people in the mood for summery good times and maybe some fruity drinks. You know who you are.


ancientindianwizard said...

good times and fruity drinks? this EP is now officially on my radar!

Nightrain said...

I'm glad AIW commented first because I was going to say something almost exactly like that, but he worded it better (funnier) than I was going to.

Nice work.

Brasilliant said...

I loved these guys more than Voxtrot at the concert (but I think that's because the lead singer had a cold and was visibly wheezing after each song). I didn't get into The Little Ones' EP as much as their live performance, but that's probably because I need to listen a couple more times.