May 1, 2008

The Afternoons - Sweet Action (2008)

The Afternoons deliver on their promise of providing Sweet Action, compiling song after song of fun, catchy power pop. They remind me a little of Carl Newman's pre-Pornographer Zumpano, and likely draw on some of the same influences. I'm kind of surprised that this wasn't released on Rainbow Quartz, since it sounds a lot like the bands on that label (The Contrast, The Lackloves, The Gripweeds) and suffers some of the same criticisms, namely while the songs are catchy, after a while they all start to run together. And although they're immediately likable, they don't stick with you. However, "High Summer Lovers" and "Giving Up On You" are a couple standout singles. "The Silver Age" replaces vocals with a cool cartoon sound collage. Fans of power pop and 80's keyboards will find a couple songs for the iPod.