April 30, 2008

No Age - Nouns (2008)

No Age made no attempts to clean up their dirty grungy sound for their second album. Thank God. Nouns is raw, it sounds like it came straight from the gutter outside some shit-hole club in LA directly to you. No Age don't need no high quality sound to impress, they're totally mocking me for having such fancy-pants headphones. This punk duo makes an impressive amount of racket, but there are surprising licks of melody folded into all the feedback and guitar noise. They've also really mastered the art of tension and release. The buildups to their songs are drawn out - sometimes longer than the actual melody portion - and when they finally punch through they sound all the better for it. No Age is one of my favorites because they're so unexpectedly beautiful at times, and completely gritty at others. Best of both worlds.

Faves: Eraser, Cappo, Here Should Be My Home and Brain Burner