March 25, 2008

The Raconteurs - Consolers Of The Lonely (2008)

This album rocks at first listen… and then just keeps on entertaining. Jack White, Brendan Benson and the gang improve upon Broken Boy Soldiers and put together a well-rounded, wide-ranging tour de rock n' roll. Taking full advantage of diverse instrumentation and expansive influence, Consolers seamlessly intermingles ballad piano, honky violin & banjo, electric organ, western trumpet, and other variations, with the reverberating blues and acoustic guitar distinctive of White's projects. However, this album provides a depth and texture that you won't find in many White Stripes’ productions. Come December, this one should be near the top of many 2008 lists.

Addictive tracks: “Old Enough” and “The Switch and the Spur,” but all are worth a stint on repeat.


awmercy said...

This album is a lot more interesting than their last one.

awmercy said...

Broken Boy Soldiers suffered from too many just-fine mid-paced songs that made the album plod along. It never cranked it up and rocked out like Consolers of the Lonely.