January 15, 2020

2019 Survey Results - Top Albums 27 to 43

27. Alex Lahey - The Best of Luck Club (2 votes)
“Important message to remember. Best live show of the year!”
Favorite song: "Don't Be So Hard on Yourself"

 28. Better Oblivion Community Center - Better Oblivion Community Center (2 votes)
“Phoebe Bridgers singing the phone book would be on this list.”

29. Beyoncé - Homecoming (2 votes)
“This album is worth the price of admission just for the cover of "Before I Let Go".

30. Boy Harsher - Careful (2 votes)

31. Gatecreeper - Deserted (2 votes)

32. Injury Reserve - Injury Reserve (2 votes)

33. Matthew Logan Vasquez - Light'n Up (2 votes)
“Caught an amazing and intimate record store set with my son. Love the mix of gut wrenching and party songs.”

34. Pronoun - I'll Show You Stronger (2 votes)
“I discovered this album from an email that said "it's like if kate bush was influenced by jimmy eat world". I'm not entirely sure if that fully resonates with me but it certainly caught my attention.”

35. Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains (2 votes)
“Was just getting into this album when I heard of Berman's death - haven't been able to revisit yet but I know I'll be coming back.”


36. Rich Brian - The Sailor (2 votes)
“‘Slow Down Turbo’ on repeat! Also his Colors video for ‘Drive Safe’ is incredible.”

37. Sinkane - Depayse (2 votes)
“I've turned to the Sly Stone lovin' ‘Everybody’ to pick me up a lot lately. Love the mix of soul, funk, reggae, and politics.”

38. Slowthai - Nothing Great About Britain (2 votes)
“Discovered Slowthai from an interview with Liam Gallagher of all places. Haven't stopped listening since. Love it all but have definitely have spun ‘Gorgeous’ the most.”

39. Tei Shi - La Linda (2 votes)
“I hadn't been following her career all that closely but I'd been listening to her singles all year and then was pleasantly surprised to find they were all put on an album. Crazy how things work out! ‘Even If It Hurts’ w/ Blood Orange is sooooo goooooood!”

40. The Black Doors - Deviants (2 votes)
“Spooky and sexy. Is this psyh, shoegaze, alt. country? Don't care. My perfect late night music.”

41. The Shivas - Dark Thoughts (2 votes)
“A rip roaring party album.”

“Found this band thanks to the new format!”

“Worth a second, third, and fourth listen. Its got that sound I consistently come back to year-after-year.”

42. Tyler, the Creator - IGOR (2 votes)
“His fingerprints are on everything these days.”

“I'm not sure I understand the entire appeal here, but I'm intrigued and will give it more listens.”

43. Vukari - Aevum (2 votes)

“Harsh and frosty black metal, Vacating Existence is a killer closing track.”