January 15, 2020

2019 Survey Results - Top Albums 13 to 26

13. Alcest - Spiritual Instinct (3 votes)
“The band that introduced me to blackgaze and is still my favorite. More than delivered on my high expectations.”

14. Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? (3 votes)
“How does an 18 year old produce music like this????”

15. Brittany Howard - Jaime (3 votes)

16. Charly Bliss - Young Enough (3 votes)
“I truly can't get enough of this album - "Hurt Me" into "Hard to Believe" is a fantastic one-two punch.”

“I feel like this album was written for a much younger person than I but I'm happy to sing along to it. "Capacity" is amazing.”

17. Earth - Full Upon Her Burning Lips (3 votes)
“That tone...this is what guitars are supposed to sound like.”
“Is the an opposite to petrichor? Like a scent that comes after a long storm that forebodes of impending aridness, blistering hot wind and baked, cracked earth? The smell would accompany this band everywhere it went.”

18. James Blake - Assume Form (3 votes)

19. MIKE - Tears of Joy (3 votes)

20. Paul Cauthen - Room 41 (3 votes)

21. Pernice Brothers - Spread The Feeling (3 votes)
“Their strongest album in years. Always beautiful and insightful.”

22. Sturgill Simpson - Sound & Fury (3 votes)
“Oh shit. Ignored this release when I read the concept, but became a believer after watching the movie on Netflix. Now it is my go to road music. Pump that up and every ride is downhill.”

23. Taylor Swift - Lover (3 votes)
“I can't help it. I apparently love Taylor Swift and would gladly join her fan club.”

“‘Lover’ - The title track is a tremendous pop song, but there's plenty else on here to keep me coming back.”
“I don't know you guys, she's just good at what she does.”

24. Teskey Brothers - Run Home Slow (3 votes)
“Whoa. These blue-eyed Australians soul singers sound like they came straight of Muscle Shoals.”

25. The Head and the Heart - Living Mirage (3 votes)
“No hipster cred awarded, but damn this is a fun album that makes me smile.”

26. Yola - Walk Through the Fire (3 votes)
“Dusty In Memphis's influenced many, but few have Yola's chops. And some of her lyrics just slay me.”


awmercy said...

I think the albums get more interesting and varied as the list goes on.