December 14, 2018

QC10 - NightraiN's Top 18 Albums from 2008 - 2017

Editor's Note: After 10 years of submitting year-end Top 10 lists, frequent contributors are going back and picking out their favorite albums from those lists.

Augustines - Augustines (2014)

A longtime fan of these guys back to the Pela days. They have a few albums to select from, but this one stands out as such an amazing album. Tons of emotion and energy that makes every track (and live installment) fantastically good. Sad to see that they have hung up their instruments as a band, but lots of good memories associated with the tracks on this album.
Frightened Rabbit - Painting Of A Panic Attack (2016)

Love me some Frightened Rabbit. The National's Aaron Dessner's fingerprints are all over this album, and the partnership is a hauntingly beautiful one. Somehow, this album is both deeply sad and uplifting at the same time -- goosebumps, reflective thoughts, whiskey, hope. Seeing this album performed live flawlessly was also an amazing experience.

The National - High Violet (2010)

Like the above, something about The National is so deeply comforting and passionate that it makes me reflectively sad and inexplicably happy at the same time -- the perfect mix of musically induced emotion. Clearly, this combination resonates with me... keep it coming.

Lucero - 1372 Overton Park (2009)

I love Lucero and pretty much all things Ben Nichols. It is hard to call out just one Lucero album during this time period, but this one stands out for me. An album with that rare combination of... well... everything. Oh, the horns! This one will stand the test of time!

Delta Spirit - Into The Wide (2014)

In a year of good albums, this one really stands out with the rockers really rocking and balanced well with the solid slower jams. 

Portugal. The Man - American Ghetto (2010)

They are funky and fun. They rock the house every time. Love me some P.TM.

Frightened Rabbit - Midnight Organ Fight (2008)

There is a lot to like: The accents, the strummy guitar, the impassioned lyrics, the imperfect, yet honest & heartfelt vocals. This is an album for all moods, and certainly, one that rises above the other offering of 2008 for its vigor and passion. Bravo!

Ha Ha Tonka - Lessons (2013)

Put on the album, turned off the lights, got in the shower... and rocked out to the who entire thing. Best album listening experience of the entire year.

The White Buffalo - Shadows, Greys, and Evil Ways (2013)

One of my favorite Americana artists of all time. The story of Jolene + Joe seems to get better with every listen... touching and epic.

Kings of Leon - Only By Night (2008)

Always solid, the Kings of Leon deliver perhaps their best album to date. They cannot be denied!

Kishi Bashi - Lightght (2014)

After seeing Kishi Bashi live in a number of settings, the love for this album has only increased. Immense talent shines through on these finely crafted tunes.

Matthew Logan Vasquez - Does What He Wants (2017)

MLV does whatever he wants... and it almost always turns out really good! Delta Spirit's frontman is a funny, talented dude and this album spans the full spectrum from playful electric to touching acoustic. Do yourself a favor and absorb it all now!

The Black Keys - Brothers (2010)

These dudes are legends already... this album and especially a few choice tracks just heightens their profile that much more. Sick.

The album art is awesome as well.

William Elliott Whitmore - Field Songs (2011)

Connected with this album more than any other this year. Great, emotional songwriting and vocals -- soulful, passionate, salt of the earth.

Owl John - Owl John (2014)

This is what it sounds like to look into someone's soul. Scott Hutchison was as troubled as he was talented, but I'm thankful for all that he was willing to share with the world. If you are a fan of Freighted Rabbit like me, you'll dig this solo effort.

Photo Ops - Vacation (2016)

I think most people needed a good feel-good album during this rather dark 2016, and Vacation was that album for me. Echoing the harmonies and patience of Pet Sounds, this album washes over you like a warm summer day and lifts the spirits like an ice cold High Life.

Alberta Cross - Broken Side of Time (2009)

I anticipated the release of this one with great fervor, and when it was finally released, I was not let down.

Japandroids - Near to the Wild Heart of Life (2017)

I was already a fan, but this album accentuated my fondness. Fuzzy rock-punk perfect for (mostly) uptempo runs and impassioned sing-a-longs. A recipe for awesomeness!


awmercy said...

A lot of favorites on this list. I appreciate that you singled out different Portugal. The Man, Japandroids, and Frightened Rabbit albums than I did. Tough choices. I love them all.

I probably should have included those Augustines and Black Keys albums. I love those too.

I think after this list, we can agree Frightened Rabbit, in any form, were your favorite band of the last 10 years.