December 31, 2017

Jesse's Top 15 Albums from 2017

The Autonomics - Debt Sounds   
Ignore the Saturday morning Snapchat cover, this is road-honed, pogo-inducing, virile rock n roll.

Japandroids - Near To The Wild Heart Of Life
Epic, noisy, and their easiest songs to sing along to live.

Sunbathe - Sunbathe          
Can't stop listening to these lovelorn and wistful lyrics wrapped in heavenly guitar riffs wavering between surf and shoegaze. 

Star Club - Sixth Avenue Motel    
Love the sax, love the grimy, sexy mood. Feels like late night, post-punk, beatnik soul. Or something.

Benjamin Booker - Witness        
The garage soul album I needed this year. The title track is a masterpiece featuring Mavis Staples.

Sheer Mag - Need to Feel your Love       
Oh hell yeah! It’s the power ballads that set this album apart, demonstrating the depths of their chops go well beyond killer riffs cranked up to 11.

Petite League - Rips One Into The Night
Everything I could want in an indie pop album - ridiculously catchy hooks, passionate strumming, kick flips, bite marks…

The Rural Alberta Advantage - The Wild          
They got a sound - passionate vocals over an intensely strummed acoustic evoking wide open landscapes, inevitably inducing head nodding, beer sloshing. Yes, I love it.

Matthew Logan Vasquez - Does What He Wants         
Plays like a cohesive mix tape, shifting from disco to folk, soul to indie rock, all held together by poignant lyrics delivered with a mischievous smile.

Algiers - The Underside of Power          
The first three tracks are pure fire - soul punk politik. It gets weird, skronky, and desolate on Side 2. Staring into the void might be where we are at these days.

Alvvays - Antisocialites    
Plimsoll Punks’ dreamy pop slays me - such sweet disdain.

Portugal. The Man - Woodstock 
Consistently at the top of my year end lists. Still grappling with rise their to fame, but can’t deny those are some catchy ass singles.

Battleme - Cult Psychotica           
Seasoning serves them well. Wry observations delivered with a smokers rasp, huge crunchy alt. rock riffs mixed with barroom boogie.

Heat - Overnight     
First album of the year on constant rotation. Perfect follow up to their awesome EP.

Deathlist - Deathlist LP
Textural and melancholy, raw and rhythmic. She is consistently creating and collaborating on many of my favorite songs. 


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