December 31, 2017

Jeremy’s Top 7 Albums from 2017

Cayetana - New Kind of Normal  
This is only their second full-length but they already sound like seasoned veterans who know how to write and perform super tight rock songs with lyrical depth and resonance. Best concert of the year by far, and “Certain for Miles” is most definitely my Cling-to-in-Time-of-Need anthem of the year.

Katie Ellen - Cowgirl Blues          
Anika Pyle’s in-concert anti-patriarchy introduction to “Sad Girls Club” is a goddamned manifesto (check it out on youtube) and her band and this album have the energy, power, and compassion to match it. Another great female-led band out of Philadelphia – something in the water.

Waxahatchee- Out in the Storm   
Defiant, electrifying, “Eff You” of a breakup album. I like the “Demo” versions of the songs even better, a little more rough around the edges, if you can get them on your spotifys or your pandoras.

The National - Sleep Well Beast  
No album that features “Carin at the Liquor Store” will be left off this list, but I’m fairly certain this is the first time in my history that a new National album didn’t land in the #1 spot. I’ll spare you the hand-wringing about my favorite band … for now, but I am curious to see how the songs develop in the live show.

Craig Finn - We All Want the Same Things       
The album’s cover art and the video for “God in Chicago” alone are worth the price of admission, but the rest of the album is extremely solid too. This is the first time since Boys and Girls in America that I feel like Finn is firing on all cylinders lyrically. Glad to have him back.

Big Thief - Capacity
“Shark Smile” is the mother-effing jam (thanks You’re the Worst!). An album full of slinky songs that sneak up on you.

Jessica Lea Mayfield - Sorry is Gone      
Haunting and buoyant at the same time. Another tremendous album about getting out of a destructive relationship, something I feel 2017 still needs pretty badly. Watch out for this lady.


awmercy said...

Based on the other albums, I gotta check out the three I don't know: Cayetana, Katie Ellen, and Big Thief. Discovered, and now love Waxahatchee, off yours and Tex's lists.

Ben said...

I will second Big Thief. The songs, Shark Smile, Watering and Black Diamond are all fantastic.