December 31, 2017

Ben’s Top 15 Albums from 2017

Kendrick Lamar - DAMN  
In a world dominated by liars, Kung-Fu Kenny is honest.

Vince Staples - Big Fish Theroy  
Its hard not to feel like a crab when death and destruction is all I see. Our nation is divided, unwilling to consider others. Simply recognizing our problems and working together would put our nation / world on track. Hope does exist, we just have to find it.

Father John Misty - Pure Comedy           

Valerie June - Order of Time       

Perfume Genius - No Shape          
And to think "I kissed a girl" was a big deal.

Tyler the Creator, Flower Boy    
Trying to find that person who completely values you is harder than it sounds.

Rapsody - Laila Is Wisdom          
Lyrics are like a "Steph Curry projectile". This is the album Kendrick Lamar would make if he were a woman from South Carolina.

"Fearin' not growin' up/Keepin' me up at night/Am I doin' enough?/Feel like I'm wastin' time"

Brockhampton - Saturation 2      
One of the most played albums for me this year. Jaden Smith says this boy band is "FIRE". Its hard to disagree.

The National - Sleep Well Beast 
Chicano Batman - Freedom is Free    
Nothing groundbreaking.. just had this on repeat.

Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference 
Perfect for driving on the freeway, watching the sun come up.

Samphra - Process 
"Like the Piano" is an amazing song.

Stormyz - Gang Signs & Prayer   
Just didnt get a chance to wear out the album. But, some of the songs are my favorite of the year.

Thundercat - Drunk           
Featuring, on back-to-back tracks, Kenny Loggins and Kendrick Lamar. Nuff said.