December 29, 2017

2017 Top 10 Portland Indie Rock Albums

The Autonomics - Debt Sounds
Ignore the Saturday morning Snapchat cover, this is road-honed, pogo-inducing, virile rock n roll.

Sunbathe - Sunbathe

Can't stop listening to these lovelorn and wistful lyrics wrapped in heavenly guitar riffs wavering between surf and shoegaze. 
Definitely living up to the legacy of name-checked OG dream poppers Aberdeen and Portland's own Rocketship.

Public Eye - Relaxing Favorites
Propulsive staccato vocals, punchy choruses, and killer riffs easily makes for one of my favorite punk/post punk albums in a while.

Deathlist - Deathlist LP
Textural and melancholy, raw and rhythmic. She is consistently creating and collaborating on many of my favorite songs.

Star Club - Sixth Avenue Motel

Love the sax, love the grimy, sexy mood. Feels like late night, post-punk, beatnik soul. Or something.

Sallie Ford - Soul Sick
Open and vulnerable, she tackles her own mental health and artistic wellness with a familiar bop. So direct and approachable, she makes it seem easy.

Battleme - Cult Psychotica
Seasoning serves them well. Wry observations delivered with a smokers rasp, huge crunchy alt. rock riffs mixed with barroom boogie. 

Cardioid - Parts Dept.
A must listen to for Radiation City fans. Same vocals you love, just branching out a bit more. Might even be catchier. Amazing live.

Dogheart - Family Hair
With their relaxed vibe and attention to craft, they’re making a claim for Portland’s masters of mid tempo indie rock.


Anonymous said...

If I was making this list now, just a month later, I'd have Kelli Schaefer's No Identity near the top. It's amazing. But I didn't pick it up until I saw her opening a Summer Cannibals show.