December 31, 2013

Top 10 Portland EPs from 2013

Not saying EPs are better, but a great album leaves me in awe and satisfied, while a great EP has me desperately clamoring for more. At least, they both deserve to be judged separately. There was so much great music made in Portland this year I probably could have made this list twice as long. I am already regretting limiting it to just 10.

1.     Battleme - Weight On The Brain 

It wasn’t even a contest this year. After being blown away live, these songs kept those those moments fresh on my stereo, again and again.

2.     Charts - Vacation 

Bursting with sunshine and good vibes. Pop it in, crank it up, and head to the Sandy River.

3.     The Lower 48 - The Lower 48 

Shifting from delicate indie folk to rock n’ roll pays off. 

4.     Levon’s Helmet - Levon’s Helmet 

Catchy Friday night rock n' roll that's quickly becoming one of my favorite EPs this year. All 5 songs are great.

5.     Magic Mouth - Devil May Care 

A little soul, indie, surf, and southern rock 'n' roll, but always emphasizing the dance in their eclectic mix.

6.     Wooden Indian Burial Ground - Problems 

Portland's premier purveyors psychedelic freakbeat deliver a short blast of batshit awesomeness.

7.     Minden - What’s More Than Appropriate? 

Love the new set of sexy pop grooves almost as much as their fantastic live show.

8.     No More Parachutes - Old Man 

Lively, tempo-shifting, harmony-driven indie rock.

9.     The Dimes - Broadcast 

“Love And Oceans” is a perfect pop song.

10.    Electric Ill - Twisted Light 

Weird and funky pop from the ex-Viva Voce frontman.