August 17, 2011

Red Fang - Murder The Mountains (2011)

Portland based, Red Fang has been a band that I listen to for the past few years. Their first album contained one of my favorite singles from 2009, 'Prehistoric Dog'. Aside from being an awesome song, the video might be the best video ever made. There was a lot of anticipation regarding Murder The Mountains, mostly due to Red Fang being signed to Relapse Records.

After a 2 year break, MtM was released to mixed reviews. Some people I talk to, absolutely freak out for the record. Some people think its just kind of "meh". I think that I am caught in the middle somewhere. The major difference in the 2 albums is production value. MtM is produced so well, and is crushingly heavy. Part of my attraction to this band was their low production value that accompanied their beards, and the seemingly millions of cans of beer they consumed on a daily basis. The new album sounds like a super buzzy Melvins record with hints of other bands like The Sword, Torche, Queens of the Stone Age, and Kyuss sprinkled into songs. I don't really hear a whole lot of unique things going on with the record, but if you are going to sound like any other bands, The Melvins/QOTSA/Kyuss is a pretty fucking rad sound to go for.

The opening song 'Malverde' is a great opening song, that sets the tempo for 10 songs that are heavy as hell. Brian Giles' rants through the song of, "Thats the trick/I can't believe you're falling for it" gets your head banging and your feet tapping. The follow up song, "Wires" is an absolute powerhouse. Starts with galloping guitars reminiscent of Black Sabbath's "Children Of The Grave", then goes into my favorite riffs on the album. Its pretty awesome how this song is so heavy, but still catchy as fuck. "Wires" is hands down, my favorite song on the album. "Hank is Dead", and "Number Thirteen" are the two other faves on the album.

Don't expect to be blown away with a new 'genre-defying' album here, but it is still a great album to put on, and shotgun brews to. I listened to it a ton when it came out, and I still play the record every time I DJ my metal night in San Francisco. Go pick it up, and if you can..... see them live. They absolutely melt your eardrums live.


Nightrain said...

That video is so wicked.

awmercy said...

Seriously, Red Fang make the best videos.

Very fair review. They always have a couple songs I worthy of heavy rotation.