August 3, 2011

Paul James - Possessed By Paul James (2007)

Paul James, or Possessed by Paul James (whichever you prefer, as he goes by both names) is far and away my new favorite blues/bluegrass artist. He is a featured performer on the Voodoo Rhythm Records label, which is how I discovered his beloved talents. Paul's real name is Konrad Wert, and he is from the swamps of Immokalee, Florida (rad). He was raised Mennonite with Amish roots, but don't expect toned down, dispassionate, drab and dreary traditional jams. Paul James is raw, full of gut-wrenched carnal yelps, and it almost seems like he himself is possessed, and that stage name was meant as a warning. The songs are not for the faint of heart. Some are about loosing one's mind like in "Committed," or the taboo feelings regarding a loved one's suicide in "Colorofmybloodynose," and for resentment over people giving up see "No Windows." His songs are about life's perplexity; full of contradiction, rage, and if nothing else, the commitment to being absolutely forthright, consequences be damned. The melody of acustic guitar and banjo strings seems to almost put the listener in a trance. Where I feel like I am becoming one of those people overcome by the holy spirit at some crazy week long baptist revival. Definitely check this guy out, especially my favorite song "Cold and Blind" which is not on the album but can be seen below. Cheers.


awmercy said...

I don't have this one, but I really like the other albums by him. I guess I have to hunt this one down now.

Irish said...

This is gorgeous!