July 12, 2011

Ve1cro's Summer Fun Short List

**Marina and the Diamonds - I Am Not a Robot
This feels like a guilty pleasure but it's not. Check out how charming she is at the end of the video.

**Devotchka - 100 Other Lovers
At the end of May, I had several surgeries and these songs were on constant rotation: "Sunshine," "The Common Good," "Exhaustible," (the whistling!) and "100 Other Lovers." Oh and their song "The Man from San Sebastian" grates me to no end.

**Tennis - "Marathon"
It's no shocker that I like this and it reaffirms my dream of being a back up singer. Please also see Nightrain's Breezy Summer Jammy Jams.

**Summer Camp - Around the Moon
I was obsessed with this passionate song/video for a long time. I am really rooting for their relationship to make it past the 10th grade... I've listened to Summer Camps' other stuff but it hasn't had the same effect on me.

**Seeing Julian Casablancas with his son at the market behind my apartment. 
No big deal.


awmercy said...

I love the Marina and the Diamonds video. I'll have to check out the rest of the album.

Nightrain said...

Diggin' the single-shot video along Hollywood Blvd.