July 12, 2011

NightraiN's Summer Short List

Light For Fire - Yes indeed, they have been mentioned already; however, this album is certainly good enough for more than one mention here. If I may make one suggestion: shoot a proper video.

The Shuffle (Dance) - Say what you want about LMFAO, but they know how to rock a vampire dance party with a very fun and ridiculously over-simplistic runningman-esque dance move that can turn even a trip to Ralph's into a fun outing. So easy it is brilliant. Every music group should incorporate an updated dance move into their persona.

Breezy Summer Jammy Jams - I feel like there has been a fantastic showing for the beachy / bbq tunes this year. The Vaccines, Tennis, Foster The People and Cults all released tracks that sound better with the warm sun on the back and a cold beer in hand. Granted, they all have their own sounds and styles, but I can't help but think of riding a cuiser to the beach when any one of those albums are on.

Dolorean's The Unfazed - Not to be confused with Delorean, the Portland-based band is a verifiable go-to for early mornings, quiet evenings and tender moments. The lyrics are perfect for a heartfelt singalong and the music pulls you in close with its soft sway.

The First Six Months of 2011 - In addition to the bands already mentioned, there have been many other artists that I have really been impressed with in the first six months. Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and The Decemberists are all names many people already know and have shown us impressive stuff thus far; however, bands like U.S. Royalty, Magic & Fur, Scotch Howard, The Cave Singers and The Rural Alberta Advantage have surprised me with amazing albums as well that need to be heard.


awmercy said...

That LMFAO video is hilarious.