March 15, 2011

Scotch Howard - Mandara (2011)

I love discovering new party music and this album most certainly fits the bill. On their first album together, vocalist Scotch Howard and Mitra Music, the production name for San Francisco-based artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Gabe Lackner, team up on Mandara and the end-product is 8 tracks of psychedelic electro rock that makes you want grab a few adult beverages and go dance in the shower, with or without friends. The intro jam, "Hit The Wall," pulls you in with hand-clapping catchiness that sets the album's drive and message. "Rowdy" oozes with an alcohol-soaked swagger and a sing-along chorus that is perfect for sparking an evening of debauchery and serves as the thematic anthem. Around those, grooves like "In Time," "In The Streets," "Turnon" and "Shake Off" bring on the loungy dance vibe at different paces that keep the party going. The moods are diverse, but the tracks balance well, with some driving hard and fast, while others take their foot off the pedal. Have a listen below, grab your download here for the price of a 40oz malted beverage, invite some friends over and turn up the volume.


Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for posting this.I finally get to be the one to show all my friends some good new music loll. So excited!