March 2, 2011

The Cave Singers - No Witch (2011)

I really like The Cave Singers, but it doesn’t take much of a listen to realize that they are not for everyone. Abrasive at times, they shift from blusey to psychedelic, raw to spiritual from track to track, with the primary constant being Pete Quirk’s nasally rasp. The primarily folk rock trio features connections to Murder City Devils and Pretty Girls Make Graves, but don’t expect to recognize too many similarities with those two well-known Seattle flavors on No Witch. The bulk of the album is solid with a broad range of influences that pull the folk base in different directions and although repetitious and relatively simplistic, The Cave Singers bring a truly original sound, devoid of immediate comparisons. The bluesy, foot-stomping of “Black Leaf” may be the most rollicking and accessible of the tracks simply because its thumping pace forces one to dance much like a Hillstomp hoedown. In contrast, the remainder of the album (with the exception of "No Prosecution If We Bail") saunters along in a much more subdued fashion. If you are like me and enjoy Quirk's raspy vocal stylings, then this is a release that is not to be missed.

Currently on tour, they will be playing The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on March 10th.


Nightrain said...

Won me some tickets to the show on the 10th.

I'll be there.