January 5, 2011

Reverend Deadeye - "Fuck The Devil"

A Hillstomp post tipped me off to an upcoming Reverend Deadeye show at Dante's this Sunday. I'd never heard of him before Hillstomp's enthusiastic endorsement, but after sampling just a couple songs it's clear I almost missed out on what should be a wild performance of down and dirty gospel, blues, and rock n' roll. With songs like "Fuck The Devil" and "Drunk on Jesus" it's clear this one man band won't be embraced by modern Christian radio any time soon, as the gravel voiced reverend sounds like a better soundtrack for debauchery in the back alley than virtuousness in the sanctuary. The show starts at 8 PM and will be followed by Dante's Sinferno Caberet. Gospel punk, burlesque, and bourbon sounds like a perfect combination.