December 2, 2010

The Weepies - Be My Thrill (2010)

One of my resolutions next year will be to actually write a damn review once in a while, especially for albums that seriously knock my socks off. Then I realized that Quickcrit's year end list would be a great place to start. Normally, I'd be inclined to post a spoiler alert about the following review, but it's no secret that I love The Weepies. That's right, they're my number one this year. I loved this album so much that it was almost a lie to single out only one song as my favorite.

Be My Thrill is a lot more upbeat than their last album and in my opinion, is their best to date. It's unapologetically filled with infectious sunshine and love in "I Was Made for Sunny Days" and "Add My Effort" -- no doubt influenced by parenthood and their two sons. Their optimism, however, is balanced with a little reality in "Please Speak Well of Me" and "You're So Hard to Please". I can't help but wonder if "Be My Thrill" was written in the throes of infant or toddler-hood:

Be my thrill / My little white pill / My unpaid bill / The one who will
Be my love / My little gray dove / My push and my shove / My heaven above
And we tumble down like Jack & Jill
And I miss all of the joy you kill
But I love you still
Be my thrill

I laughed aloud the first time I really listened to the lyrics with a cranky, but fantastic three-month-old wiggling in my lap. I'm bummed that we missed The Weepies when they came to Portland in October, but Awmercy and I were quite occupied with our own little thrill. Let's hope baby Miles likes indie pop as much as his mama, because The Weepies will be a staple in our living room, his nursery, and the car.


Mona said...

Aww! They always have the cutest album art. I hope someone finds Miles a Weepies onesie :)

ps - yes! please write more, we need more female representation, ha.

awmercy said...

Oh man. Their website ridiculously cute right now.

Mona said...

Hah, I just noticed the little baby with the trumpet in the snow globe.

I always wanted one of their t-shirts with the whale pods around the side. Thanks for the reminder, I'm gonna buy myself the green one for Xmas :)