December 16, 2010

2010 Music Survey Results - Top 50 Albums (11-20)

# 11
Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest (September 28, 2010)

"Simple, smart, and lush. Mark Bolan lives on through Bradford Cox!" - Max D

"Deerhunter went and made themselves an album that is listenable, accessible, but not short on substance. Lyrically, their most engaging album yet." - JC Hackett

"Hard to pick a favorite song, because this is an album I always listen to completely.  This is an album to listen to in its entirety in one sitting.  And then maybe one more time again, because its that good." - Hotcatato

Recommended track: "Revival"

# 12
The Tallest Man on Earth - The Wild Hunt (April 13, 2010)

"I never have a ranking for music, which screws up Awmercy's system, but this is actually my number one album.  It's that good." - TheCraneWife

"Saying that an artist sounds familiar in some ways is probably considered a kiss of death.  However, when I say that this album sounds familiar I mean it as a compliment.  For while it sounds like an old friend it simultaneously sounds new and refreshing..  It's weird.  Just listen to it once.  Chances are it'll tug at your heartstrings." - Ancient Indian Wizard

"What a fantastic year for Kristian Matsson.  Not only did he release a stellar album AND EP, but he's really attracting the attention he deserves.  The Tallest Man on Earth showed great promise as a modern singer songwriter on 2008's A Shallow Grave, and he delivers a fully realized set of skills as a full blown troubadour with The Wild Hunt." - Tex

"The critics of the world are often quick to praise the pathfinders–the wildly original artists that thumb their nose at the musical status quo. Sometimes it is more challenging to breath new life into an old form. Kristian Mattson is an old fashioned, heart on the sleeve troubadour with just a guitar,  a rugged voice and some great folk melodies. It is a time honored formula but The Tallest Man has carved his own distinctive niche. He is a songwriter & performer to watch in the coming years." - Luc

 Recommended track: "King of Spain"

# 13
Yeasayer - Odd Blood (February 9, 2010)

"Did this album only come out this year? Seems like forever ago. Doesn't play all the way through well, but the first part of the album is great." - War Machine

"I almost forgot about this one–some brilliant songwriting and great eclectic sound." - Taylor

"Dang. How'd these guys get so catchy? I'm certainly not complaining." - Hotcatato

"Tight and woven and a personal pick because you haven't seen life until you've seen a four year old rock out to these tunes." - JC Hackett

"Regardless of your feelings toward Jethro Tull, this album is fun, upbeat and as expected from Yeasayer, a lotta bit trippy." - NightraiN

 Recommended track: "Ambling Alp"

# 14
The New Pornographers - Together (May 4, 2010)

"The first 15 seconds of "Moves" has got to be one of the best song intros of all time." - Lauren VD

"Neko I want to have your babies!  Well, that and learn to whistle…" - Abbie

Recommended track: "Crash Years"

# 15
Portugal. The Man - American Ghetto (May 11, 2010)

"Just listen to it." - Ernesto

"Brilliant. P.TM never disappoints." - Julia

"They are funky and fun. They rock the house every time. Their videos are bad-ass. Love me some P.TM." - NightraiN

"A funky haze drifts over the album, riding moody psychedelic grooves into hook-laden choruses." - awmercy

 Recommended track: "The Dead Dog"

# 16
The Roots - How I got Over (June 21, 2010)

"Still edging out Kanye because I find myself reaching for it more." - Jeremy

Recommended track: "How I Got Over"

# 17
April Smith And The Great Picture Show - Songs For A Sinking Ship (February 23, 2010)

"A friend invited me to see April Smith & her band at a $10 show at DC9. I had no idea what to expect and knew 2 songs in I would buy the album. She's starting to hit it big–rightfully so. Clever lyrics and just an all-around fun vibe." - AnnMT

"So much fun and so different from a lot of other music coming out by women right now–cheeky, clever, heartfelt, just a wonderful new artist." - Anne

"April Smith and the Great Picture Show sounds like they could have stepped out from a '30s or '40s cabaret. If their sound doesn't make you jump up and do a jig, then you are a lost cause." - Brasilliant

Recommended track: "Colors"

# 18
The Morning Benders - Big Echo (March 9, 2010)

"Melody, melody, my lord the melodies." - Cursivebuildings

"A great all-around album, but just lacking the punch of a top tener." - NightraiN

Recommended tracks: "Excuses"

# 19
Surfer Blood - Astro Coast (January 19, 2010)

"They're still in college? How jealous am I?" - Ari

"In a lot of ways, this was the year of the axe. And these guys are lumberjacks. Or Middle-Earth dwarves. Awesome riffs & muddy vocals with way too much wisdom for their age." - JC Hackett

"These were my jams all winter and I played the shit out of them. The best of the fuzzy buzzing surf pop scene." - awmercy

"Carefree lyrics and vocals, reverberating chords, and surf guitar fill. There are exactly zero reasons not to check this band out." - NightraiN

"Shitty band name and album cover...  (I think I said the same thing in our halfway through the year thingy) anyways.. ruling album!" - Ancient Indian Wizard

Recommended track: "Swim"

# 20
The Walkmen - Lisbon (September 14, 2010)

"Something about the twangy rasp of Hamilton's voice mixed with the almost retro guitar and soft drums allows you to escape the over-saturated electro dance genre of 2010 and transports you to an era where good music, with talented musicians exist." - Layne

"I'm a sucker for vibrato. Throw in some melodrama and big drums (timpani!) and you've got a winner for me." - JC Hackett

"I have a pretty major crush on Hamilton.  Love love the way they jangle on this album." - Hotcatato

Recommended track: "Juveniles"


awmercy said...

I really dig April Smith. I can't wait to see her next time she tours through Portland.

awmercy said...

The New Pornographers just kill it live these days. A wall of hits. Definitely worth seeing if you ever liked any of their albums.