November 13, 2010

Twin Shadow - Forget (2010)

Tex's review: Why has this intensive 80's nostalgia outlasted the love for all of the other nostalgia-prone decades? The 60's come and go in various forms, but all of the other decades seem to have had little flashes in the pan. Nothing as sustaining as the almighty 80's. The day glo fashions don't show any signs of slowing, and musically, neo-new wave is dominating the indie scene for what, a second, or even third year? That being said, on some very essential level to my being, I understand it, and I back it fully.

Twin Shadow is the latest break out artist in this sub-genre. To sum up George Lewis Jr.'s music most accurately, I'd have to invoke the soundtracks of some of John Hughes' (and his contemporaries) grittier movies. Twin Shadows would fit right in. Pop that's dreamy, muted, yearning, and pretty noir. Pretty great live show to back it up, if the rumors are true. If you want to make out and have it be a little dark and dirty, queue this shit up.


awmercy said...

So which songs would you recommend listening to first?