November 2, 2010

Top 5 Lucero Songs

I loved the hell out of Lucero's 2009 release, 1372 Overton Park, and recently was reminded at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass how amazing they can be live. I've always enjoy the gritty, imperfect vocals, occasionally roarin' southern rock guitars, and Ben Nichols' willingness to be both tender and rancorous in his lyrics, but it was the addition of increased production and horns that took them to the next stratosphere and made me appreciate their older tracks even more. With over 10 years on the road and 80 songs to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow the list down to a top 5... but here we go, a nice tight list of favorites...

  1. "Smoke" (1372 Overton Park)
  2. "Tears Don't Matter Much" (That Much Further West)
  3. "Nights Like These" (Tennessee)
  4. "I Can't Feel A Thing" (1372 Overton Park)
  5. "San Francisco"(Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers)

"north to santa rosa and south to santa cruz / the humboldt house, the boardwalk, and the homemade tattoos"


awmercy said...

I'm kind of bummed there isn't a way to listen to these songs, but I see Lucero isn't on Sound Cloud.

awmercy said...

Oh, and who is stoked that he already has his Lucero ticket for December? Me. Doubly stoked that I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House and Drag The River are opening.

Nightrain said...

Let's see your list, Mr. "I already have my tickets".

awmercy said...


Here are five you missed in no particular order:

"Last Night In Town"(Nobody's Darlings)
"Chain Link Fence" (Tennessee)
"Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good" (That Much Further West)
"What Are You Willing To Lose" (1372 Overton Park)
"She's Just That Kind Of Girl" (Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers)

awmercy said...

"Can't Feel A Thing" isn't even one of my top 5 songs off 1372 Overton Park. Maybe I should revisit it.

awmercy said...

Of course that really just speaks to the quality of the album, sing that is also a really great song.

Nightrain said...

Not sure why I like that one so much. I think it has something to do with the lyrics.

And, it is true, the album could dominate the list, but I that would be too damn boring.

Mona said...

So... at which point can I chime in with a "Is it funny that I've never actually heard a Lucero song before (to my knowledge)?" Yet, I know I have a CD in my collection somehow. It's like Portugal. The Man all over again, eh?

Nightrain said...


You know what IS funny, that you write for a music blog from which you yourself take few recommendations.

Mona said...

Hey, hey, hey! Firstly, I meant it as funny-strange, not funny-haha. And secondly, it's just laziness, nothing personal. When y'all put in links, it's easier to listen to and form opinions. Lucero is definitely on my list of "bands I'd like, just haven't gotten a chance to properly research them...yet." if it helps!

Mona said...

Oh, and ps- I may not tell you enough, but if only you knew how much great music is NEW to my life due to an awmercy and/or nightrain recommendation alone. I should make a Top 5 list of bands that have changed my life due to YOUR posts. Maybe then you'd know :) I'd also be curious as to which songs/bands I recommended that I turned you onto (if you weren't already). I'm sure that would be a real short list ;)

Nightrain said...

Links added.

Mona said...

WTF? Considering I like Springsteen, punk, alt-country, and southern rock together and/or separately, I just don't get why it hasn't been love at first listen?! Loved the music instantly, yet his vocals are really irking me (oddly).

Not sure yet if this is a "grower" or "never gonna happen situation" for me. Keep you posted. However, I must say the "Smoke" intro is totally badass for what it's worth.

Mona said...

Oh, and 1372 Overton Park is the CD I have in my collection (got it for free once!). What's the overall "best" one to start with/give a fair try?

Nightrain said...

Reason #1 why I like that song so much:

A bastard from the start, but a charming one at that
Bad reputation but I really ain't that bad
It's alright, I can't feel a thing
A beauty from the city, dolled up in a dress of gold
I like them high heels but she won't wear them no more
It's alright, I can't feel a thing

She's nothing short of perfect as she's falling to the ground
Nothing short of Armageddon's gonna slow her down
Nothing short of dying's gonna bring me any peace
But, I ain't really worried 'cause I can't feel a thing

So much to tell her but the words seem to get lost
The bottle's empty and I can't complete the call
It's alright, I can't feel a thing
She ain't on the phone and, she ain't on the way
And all the messages keep going up in flames
It's alright, I can't feel a thing

Nothing short of Vegas and a bar that's never closed
Nothing short of lying down and waking up alone
And nothing short of dying's gonna bring me any peace
Well, I ain't really worried 'cause I can't feel a thing

It's alright...
Well it's alright ...a little less pain every time we fall
It's's alright...
Until you get so tired you can't feel nothin' at all
Nothin' at all

She asked me if I loved her and I showed the tattoo
Weren't no answer but for then it had to do
It's alright, I can't feel a thing

I listened to a band in a bar outside downtown
There ain't enough girls wearing high heels in this crowd
It's alright, I can't feel a thing

She's nothing short of perfect as she's falling to the ground
Nothing short of Armageddon's gonna slow her down
Nothing short of dying's gonna bring me any peace
Ah hell but I ain't really worried 'cause I can't feel a thing

Can't feel anything.......
Lord, can't feel anything
Can't feel a thing

awmercy said...

Isn't it about time of a new Lucero album. I am seriously jonesing for one right now.

Nightrain said...

I'm up for another Nichols solo album.

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