October 22, 2010

McDougall - "48 Reasons" Video

If you dig Hillstomp, there's a good chance you'll like McDougall's back porch tales. "48 Reasons" off Ramble should convince you to show up for an early beer when he opens for Hillstomp at Dante's on Saturday night. "18 Days of Rain" (mp3) from his upcoming album is also worth checking out. Plus, he comes highly recommended by Hillstomp's Henry Krammer:

"He is unbelievable. We actually travel with him whenever we can. He is one of the best songwriters I’ve ever met in my life. He’s a singer-songwriter but he uses a kick drum and a high hat and plays banjo and guitar and he screams his head off and he makes you a believer after about 30 seconds. I would recommend showing up early."