July 2, 2010

Popquizkid's Summer Short List

Oh, hey. It's been a while.

This week Jesse asked for "five things related to music that have rocked your socks in 2010" and since I rarely listen to albums in their entirety, I found the latest Five Things format quite liberating. Just in time for a little holiday called Independence Day. Am I right?

5. TIE: I love Florence & the Machine's Dog Days Are Over. But do I love it more than this Brazilian baby dancing samba?

4. Hot Chip and The xx show. This was my second Hot Chip show at DC's 9:30 Club, and both shows rank among the best shows I've ever seen anywhere. The xx sounded exactly like their studio recording - breathy, sultry, intimate, and the slightest bit ominous...oh, and really great - but the duo's look surprised me; there was more androgyny than I had imagined, and there were many, many more amulets.

3. Bands with the word "bells" in their name. First there was the Sleigh Bells "Treats" album. I would say that it's both an aural assault and a piece of pop candy, but somebody already did that. I love that something so difficult to listen to can simultaneously bring me so much pleasure. Then I scored a free ticket to the very solid Morning Benders & Broken Bells show at the 9:30 Club. Highlights other than the free ticket included Broken Bells' oh so random and oh so foxy covers of “Crimson and Clover” and “You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me.”

2. Greyson Chance singing Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi." This kid is in the 6th grade. His talent makes me think illegal thoughts. (Watch the blonde on the back row fall in love.)

1. The future! Including the Deer Tick & Wye Oak show that I'll see on my birthday later this month. And the She & Him concert that I'll see this weekend on the beach at Governor's Island. Maybe I'll even review it. Have a safe and happy 4th, everyone.


Ashley said...

That Gaga cover is amazing. Hoping to see She & Him (and Roseanne Cash) on Governor's Island, too!

Jack Phillips said...

please review our new music


awmercy said...

Sleigh Bells make me want get down at DC9's Revolution Dance Party. Is that still going on?

Mona said...

PQK, welcome back! Dude, how great was the XX set. It was funny how into it the dude gets, he almost gets creepy intense, but the music makes up for it! It was the only show in my life I seriously regretted not having a date to, what a waste of all the inevitable "post-show discussion." :)