May 26, 2010

Monarques - Monarques EP (2010)

I'm intrigued by Portland's Monarques' upbeat 50's-inspired pop music. Like a male-fronted Pipettes, their songs are playful and fun, if slightly less caffeinated. The band seem less focused on kitsch and more on classic pop song craft. All 5 songs on the EP are unapologetically catchy and sweet. The standout "Angel Eyes" (mp3) sounds a bit like a Del Shannon, with doo-wop harmonies and a surf drumbeat that should get the wallflowers shimmying. "You Can't Break My Heart" starts out as a ballad before breaking out into a dramatic sing-along at the end, which is way too short, but I bet is fantastic live. I'll let you know, when they roll back into Portland after touring through California. I'll see you at the Woods on the 19th. I'll be the one in the letterman sweater.

I Won't Cry from Josh Spacek on Vimeo.


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