March 3, 2010

Free Energy & Foreign Born @ Mississippi Studios

It was a rainy February night, but Free Energy's fist pumping anthems, "Free Energy" and "Hope Child", made it feel like summer. I want them to play at all my barbecues. Looking back to 70's for inspiration, Free Energy captures a hedonistic innocence that makes me want to head to the water tower with Randall Floyd and Mitch Kramer. All the songs they played sounded great. If they ever release their album, the band seems destined for bigger venues than Mississippi Studios' tiny stage.

Every time I hear the songs off the Foreign Born's Person To Person I like them more. While I usually am skeptical of bands with a bongo drummer, the Foreign Born have me rethinking that likely faulty logic. Their stellar percussion is even more pronounced live, making it hard to move to the rhythm of "Winter Games" or "Vacationing People". The restrained and ringing guitar on both songs sounded particular good that night.