February 18, 2010

OK Go - Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky (2010)

OK Go have made a house-hold name for themselves by recording high school cheer choreographed, single-shot videos that go viral seconds after posting and then are followed up by scores of impersonations and blogosphere commentary. It all started with "A Million Ways" followed up by "Here It Goes Again"  and, now, most recently, "This Too Shall Pass." Lost amidst all this YouTube hype for the general public is the fact that OK Go actually makes music in addition to those tracks featured in their widely watched, low-budget videos. It is undeniable that the aforementioned trio of songs are excellent; "This Too Shall Pass" being what I consider to be the most catchy, and lovable of all the songs off Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, but it also should be noted that with this album the OK Go have matured in their songwriting and musical diversity. OK Go's singles have been appealing from the get go, but this is perhaps the first album of theirs that I have truly enjoyed from beginning to end. Songs like the electro, fist-pump inducing, bass-thumping "White Knuckles" (below), the jerky, 'tude filled "WTF?" or the TV On The Radio-esque "Needing/Getting" all show that OK Go have decided to stop being something cliché (I know that sounds harsh, but I like when bands differentiate themselves) and to embrace a very broad spectrum that cannot be classified or, at times, even identified in one short review... although I'm not sure what to make of "Before The Earth Was Round" (Thoughts? Comments?). I wouldn't say that this album brings anything groundbreaking to the table, but it is a solid on each track and covers the gamut of styles & influences that won't leave you bored. Since you've likely already seen the new video, enjoy this one for a fresh new beat. "Back From Kathmandu" and "In The Glass" are also quite good.


awmercy said...

Being a fan of power pop, I immediately liked "Get Over It" and "C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips" off their first album, and have thought of them as a singles band ever since. Maybe this album will change my mind. I've liked what I've heard so far.

awmercy said...

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a singles band. Those are the songs that stay in my head long after the album is bumped off regular rotation.

However, these days there is less of a reason for singles bands to make albums. I'd be cool with them pumping out a quality single every 6 months. Or following Ash's model if they had enough good material.