December 9, 2009

QuickCrit Music Survey Results - Top 40 Albums (11-20)

11. The Antlers - Hospice

“I listened to this a lot before my son was born. It kinda scared the shit out of me becuase it seems like it's more about the scary side of the hospital. To me though its about the good side of the hospital.” - ancient indian wizard
“I'm still mystified by this album. It's like a huge dark blanket that puts me in a trance.” - Max Diez

“A meditation on tragedy, grieving, anger, acceptance. This album moves me to tears damn near every time I hear it. Some friends of mine have experienced some pretty incredible tragedies this year, and listening to this album puts my heart somewhere near to what i can only imagine they were feeling. Please listen to this.” - Tex

“Catharsis is the best attribute of art. This album is devastating in its understatement.” - Jeremiah H.

12. Girls - Album
“Who doesn't want a pizza and a bottle of wine?” - HotCatato

“This one caught me off guard. Hated it at first but a few more close listens opened the door.” - Max D.

13. Pearl Jam - Backspacer

“Eddie Vedder still has it after all these years- the fixer reminds us all of why we still can't wait to listen to what Pearl Jam has to offer.” - Layne

14. Various Artists - Dark Was The Night

“I can't recall such a nearly flawless compilation . . . ever. This two disk set showcases how incredible the talent out there is right now. This album will remain a classic staple, mark my words.” – Tex

“Finally — a cause album that's as good as the cause. “ - Jeremiah H.

15. Grizzly Bear - Vecktimest

“Smart, complex, and beautiful...I'm in awe of these guys.” - Max D.

“The choral, large sound on this album contrasted with the heartbreaking lyrics makes for an experience.” - Jeremiah H.

16. Yeah Yeah Yeah's - It's Blitz!

“While I miss their more guitar driven stuff, It's Blitz! managed to keep me interested. Particularly "Soft Shock" which is quite possibly one of the cutest YYYs songs ever.” - Mona

“I have this only in vinyl, and I've spun the shit out of it. While I'd like to listen to it in my car or on the headphones sometimes, I won't let myself because listening to it still feels like an event.” - WarMachine

“Possibly the truest to the sense of the word Rock Stars of our time. Solid singles . . . the album could have been a little more cohesive, but my interest is renewed. A go to album for waking up, making coffee, and shaking one's naked-post-shower junk all over the place. No, it's cool . . . go ahead and picture it.” - Tex

“I'm a sucker for female singers, I do not hide this fact. I also did not buy a lot of music this year. That being said, this album really grew on me. Took a few listens to really start warming up to it, but now I really like it.” - Jeremiah O.

17. Harlem Shakes - Technicolor Health

“Anxious NYC indie rock after downing a handful of Zoloft.” - awmercy

“Harlem Shakes inspired many conversations with Awmercy about how much we love these tunes. Quirky indie rock at its most infectious, I love the optimism of this record and spent many hours blasting "Strictly Game." Best live show of the year, hands down.” - Mona

“I swear, nine out of ten times that a song would come up on a genius playlist that I liked but didn't know I'd ask AIW who it was and he'd guess, "the Harlem Shakes?" And he would be right! And so I eventually listened to the whole album.” - The Crane Wife

18. The xx - xx

“Simple, dry, and focused.” - Max Diez

“Dream pop at its finest, these Brits remind us that sexy and romantic are not mutually exclusive. This record is full of stunning, exciting, melodic, mellow and atmospheric mood music I just can't stop listening to.” - Mona

“I can't pick my favorite songs from this album. As an ALBUM, this flows seamlessly...truly rare in this day and age of cut and paste MP3 playlists. Exudes sensuality - prime make out music.” - Tex

“There's a shortage of male/female duet bands in the world. There is so much sincerity in this music.” - Jeremiah H.

19. Elvis Perkins In Dearland - Elvis Perkins In Dearland

“Elvis Perkins has an amazing voice and coupled with (what sounds like) an all-out brass band, Dearland is hands down the best album of the year.” - Brasilliant

“Kind of a kick back to another era but with a modern twist. Such a cool vocal delivery/style.” - Max D.

“Great songwriting and sound... one that clearly stands out when so many of the same genre sound the same.” – Nightrain

20. Hockey - Mind Chaos

"I must admit, Hockey had the potential to be way over my "screamiest" threshold. However, having seen them live three times now, I can't help but dance." - Brasilliant


    Mona said...

    Harlem #17!? And Grizzly Bear and Yeah Yeah Yeahs > Harlem Shakes?! What happened!?

    Mona said...

    The xx didn't even crack the Top 10? Hmm.

    awmercy said...

    Don't worry, personal lists will be posted next week and your ideal order will be shared with the world.

    Mona said...

    Hahhaah, thanks chief. It's not really worry, I'm just really surprised at some of the rankings. Particularly re: harlem shakes. I thought everyone at QuickCrit was obsessed. Guess not! :)

    Nightrain said...

    Weighted rankings exist for a reason.

    Mona said...

    Oh lordy. I know, man. I'm not crying over the results, nor will I demand a recount :)

    It's really just surprise regarding a few. It's still exciting to see, but I still find it hard to believe QC-ers liked Phoenix over Passion Pit... esp. since Phoenix's album had great highlights, while Passion Pit seemed better overall. But then, that could just be me.

    awmercy said...

    Question: Is Dark Was The Night the best compilation ever? If not, which one is better?