December 9, 2009

QuickCrit Music Survey Results - Top 40 Albums (31-40)

31. Black Heart Procession - Six

“More dirges from the dark, cold, sad town of San Diego, California. Oh, that ocean is so depressing. Oh, this 75 degree weather really taxes one's soul . . . “ - Rain

“This album makes you either want to drink a pint of whiskey or hide under the covers. Melodic, hypnotic, moody and dark- exactly what was expected.” - Layne

32. Bat For Lashes - Two Suns

"Reminded me of a darker Mazzy Star but full of substance. Reminds me of how a dark red wine warms your tummy but has a bit of bite on the palette." - Layne

33. Laura Gibson - Beasts Of Seasons

"I love her bunches. She played here like 3 times this year and I didn't go to any of the shows. How big of a douche am I?” - ancient indian wizard

“Laura Gibson is, for me, a reminder that opening acts can be wonderful. Thanks Colin Meloy!” - The Crane Wife

34. Volcano Choir - Unmap

“Larson and Serena showed me their copy of the "Indie Rock Coloring Book", which features a page depicting the Wisconsin cabin where Justin Vernon notoriously wrote "For Emma, Forever Ago" along with a diagram of the water supply line that led to the 'Magical Water Source' that made that album possible. Well, either Justin and his collaborators from fellow WI rock institution, Collections of Colonies Of Bees, recorded in that same cabin, or JV's got more than gnome-enchanted water going for him.” - Tex

“Seriously... any album that has a reference to old tits being on a harddrive simply must be one of the best albums of the year.” - Jeremiah H.

35. Nurses - Apple's Acres

“Jingly jangly indie pop.” - HotCatato

“Fragmented whistles, bells, knocks, and gurgles make for fantastic shambling indie rock.” - awmercy

36. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (Self Titled)

“Good Album. I get it... I really do . . . “ - Jeremiah H.

37. Throw Me The Statue - Creaturesque

“Chock full of summer indie pop jams. Rock that tinny keyboard!” - awmercy

“Visited QuickCrit's creator awmercy in Portland a few weeks ago and was introduced to TMTS's new album whilst driving around. I got a copy of it last week and have listened to it at least twice a day since. Modern pop at it's best - More hooks than a hardware store. Yeah, I just came up with that. You're welcome.” - Tex

38. Matt & Kim - Grand

“Oh, Brattleboro, VT. What is it about you that produced such amazing bands as Matt & Kim, the Devil Makes Three, Witch, and Feathers? It must be the Nuclear power plant down stream, or perhaps the med-infused water from the Retreat (a mental hospital/rehab clinic). Whatever it is...keep it up. Matt and've come into your own with this one. Fantastic.” - Tex

“Is it possible this album just came out this year? Again, perhaps I should be embarrassed by this, but I refuse to be. The key here is the energy. When he sings, you can tell in his voice that he is smiling and it makes you smile too.” - WarMachine

39. Bill Callahan - Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle

“Bill could say the dirtiest things to your mother and she'd still make him a cup of warm milk, and put him to bed, while looking at you with a "why couldn't I have had a son like him instead of you" expression.” - Rain

40. Mastodon - Crack The Skye

“Shredding record from the very unique Mastodon that made me a fan of Prog in 2009.” - Justin Slaughter

“In one epic track "The Czar" Mastodon have mastered the past, present & future of metal. Sick.” - Lucas C.


    Mona said...

    I still can't believe no one even reviewed Matt and Kim.. yet? Haha.

    Nightrain said...

    31 - 40 gets CRAZY! This voting class represents quite the eclectic spectrum.