December 6, 2009

The Brownies - Ourknife, Yourback (2009)

Sometimes you just need some bitchy, no frills, upbeat punk rock. The Brownies keep it simple (very simple) on Ourknife, Yourback with power chords leading the way and thumping drums and bass to balance it out. The raspy high-pitched, British-accented vocals (and accompanying whoops, yells and screeches) are playful and perfect for the flirtatious, party themed lyrics. With track names like "Vaseline Kid," "Cougar," "Fight Night" and "Dance Romance" it is evident where their heads are at, and I like the attitude ― A little naughty and very confident. Like most punk rock, the tracks come and go quickly and hit hard, no exception here with these little tight packages of sound. There is a certain mood that has to be in place to enjoy the avalanche of noise and in your face vocals, so when that mood next arrives, give The Brownies a go. Sometimes simple is all you need.     Here is their video for the single "Dance Romance."


Mona said...

This post totally reminds me of that Florence and the Machine song "Kiss With A Fist" that I don't particularly care for but alot of peeps are going nuts over it. Are you a fan?

awmercy said...

I've been jamming to the Mean Jean's for my classic punk rock fix.