October 2, 2009

Electric Six - "Body Shots" Video

Since it's finally Friday and the end of a hectic week, it's time for some fun. So here's the Electric Six's definitely NSFW "Body Shot" video. At first it seems like just an excuse for them to include lots of boob shots, but then in typical Electric Six fashion it takes a turn for the weird. Think skeazy Monty Python. This one's for you, Nightrain.


Nightrain said...

This video is seriously out of control.

I am really looking forward to the all kinds of craziness that they produce on the full album.

Mona said...

Haha, I love the NSFW tag. That must be a QuickCrit first.

That still definitely one up's Sebastien Tellier's album cover, hahahaha. http://i28.tinypic.com/2qmlw8n.jpg