August 3, 2009

Death On Two Wheels - Separation Of Church & Fate (2008)

Months after absolutely loving their sampler EP, I finally picked up the full album at Amie St. "Calling Us All Back Home", "Better Way" and "Shaking Like A Leaf" are still the standout tracks, but the scratchy and shouted vocals, wailing harmonica, and pounding riffs of "Hey Hey Hey" and "Take It Away" make it well worth picking up the rest of the album. While most of the songs still pull heavily from classic rock, tracks like "Sweet Love" and the country "Two Dollar Bills" reveal a softer side. However, I still prefer the faster bar room stompers, like "Bobby Havis", which adds metal guitar licks to the mix. I'd love to see them live, but unfortunately they seem to mostly tour in and around the South.