July 8, 2009

Ancient Indian Wizard's Sweet Sweet Summerjams

Decemberists - Hazards Of Love 4 (The Drowned)
I love this album and have been meaning to do a review of it forevs. The story is pretty standard Decemberist's insanity and I love every second of it. My favorite song? The one about drowning yourself alongside your true love of course. This song makes me teary but so did the Pixar opening short about storks and clouds that played before UP.

Phoenix - Lasso
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is nearly a flawless album to me. "Love Like A Sunset" is kinda long but fuck it I like that song sometimes too. "Lasso" however is 2 minutes and 47 seconds of straight up radness to me. They're french and a french guy won today's stage of the Tour De France. I bet you he was listening to this song the whole time.

Jeremy Enigk - April Storm
I loved his last album and am pretty happy with his current one. For me "April Storm" is totally the crowning jewel on this record.
Enigk described this song to Billboard magazine as being "on a Ryan Adams/"Love Is Hell"-type of kick."
Oh what?!? Jer Bear you know how to make a dude super happy!

Passion Pit - Little Secrets
After hearing so much about these dudes I finally listened to them. I love "Sleepyhead" and "Little Secrets" a super duper lot. the rest of the album is good but nothing else catches me as much as these two tracks. "Little Secrets" wins here due to it's sing song backing vocals and disjointed clusterfuck back beat. Loving it!

Kylie Minogue - Wow
I have a history of loving me some Kylie. I think this song is originally from 2007 but it is now my summer jammy jam. I knew I was done for once she says "your so hot / get me into the shade"... I also like the liberal use of the flanger effect as a nice respite from the autotuner. 2007 is the new 2009!


awmercy said...

Kylie Minogue, sexy storm trooper.

Mona said...

I love "Lasso" too, AIW. It was great live. I hope you get to see them on tour soon, they don't disappoint :)

Mona said...

Hahhahahah about Kylie. Wow, props to you for admitting that.

I love her too. Have you seen this one? You'll love it for very obvious reasons. Plus, you get 3 Kylies for the price of one:


ancientindianwizard said...

Wow! 3 Kylies! Be still my heart..

Phoenix was supposed to play in SF last month but had to cancel. Maybe they'll swing back by though!

Tex said...

I'm glad that another dude-friend sniffled a little about the stork/cloud shortie....I think I clapped a little at the resolution.