June 27, 2009

Chris Tsefalas - Follow The Sun (2009)

This album took a little while to sink in, but now that it has, I am enjoying it like late-night nachos. The Portland based artist puts together a solid set of tracks that remind me a little of Sam Roberts' sound and style, especially "Not Coming Back," and the rockin' "See What You've Done," anchored by strong pop structure and assorted instrumentation and influences. With production administered by The Decemberists' John Moen, Follow The Sun has a little bit of everything. My favorite song, "Roses and Silk Sheets," features Latin-esque guitar work and beats borrowed from Manu Chao, with the voice-mailed rejection message introduction to boot, mixed in with a catchy pop hook. The bluesy "Bad Rat" saunters along like a Jimi Hendrix throwback, to lyrics written by Tsefalas' daughter, I am told. The others offer mellow guitar and piano work, with smooth vocals. All in all, this is a enjoyable album with some really catchy stretches.