May 18, 2009

Lissy Trullie @ Wonder Ballroom

I love it when a new artist delivers on their potential. As much as I like her Self-Taught Learner EP, Lissy Trullie sounds even better live. The EP's restrained guitars were let rip and her voice was more powerful, giving the songs a needed punch. No matter how loud I turn up the stereo, I can't get the riffs to rock as hard. Her range was also more apparent when switching back and forth between tough and coo on "Boy Boy". For someone so scrawny she belt it out with soul on "She Said" and the staccato do-it-do-it-do-it's on her cover of "Ready For The Floor" turned it back into the dance floor number Hot Chip meant to be. Really, if the EP was of any interest to you, try and catch a show. I can't wait to hear where she goes from here.


awmercy said...

It could've been. She's pretty tiny.

Mona said...

Hahahhahaha, NT. The ass in question would be this one:

I ain't no detective, but I kind of assume (and I sincerely hope) said ass does not belong to awmercy. Same with those fierce shoes.