May 16, 2009

Born Ruffians - live clip (2008)

There are bands who are great on CD and suck live, the ones who suck on CD and are great live, and ones that are great on CD and even better live. I'm starting to think Born Ruffians must fall in the latter category. After scouring YouTube for live performances the other day, I stumbled upon this great quality clip of a two-song performance of "Kurt Vonnegut" that plays straight into "Hummingbird." There's been ample talk of Born Ruffians love on QuickCrit before and I wax annoyed for never catching them live after seeing this video because it only confirms why they're still near the top of my "must-see" show list. There were hardly any chances for me to catch them on tour for Red Yellow & Blue... I had to give away tickets to a Brooklyn show in October, then they came back opening for Tokyo Police Club in February and that shit was sold out! Ugh. Has anyone else managed to catch them live? If not, enjoy some good tunage:


Mona said...

ps- Tokyo Police Club is one of those bands I've always heard of but know nothing about. Are they legitimately a big deal or something?

awmercy said...

According to my iTunes, I liked TPC's Elephant Shell, but I'd have to go back and listen to it again to be able to say what exactly it was that I liked about them.

Mona said...

Well, they sold out the show and I remember thinking WTF is so great about Tokyo Police Club? Born Ruffians AND Harlem Shakes opened too and I was really really mad I couldn't find a way in. I don't hold grudges, but music miffs last a long time with me, hah.

Maybe I should research them if they might have similar sounds..