March 14, 2009

The White Buffalo @ SoHo

The White Buffalo returned to Santa Barbara music scene staple SoHo tonight, and again rocked the house in all his Americana glory. Openers and good friends the Kinsella Brothers did a fine job with their newish accompaniment, members of James Joyce showmen Burning Edamame. They flowed through their set of covers and originals, highlights included "Blue Smoke", "The Dragon Song" and a couple Rolling Stones covers that got the people movin'. About 11pm the bearded one took the stage. He played a good set, though I feel like he always plays the same set. Whether the renditions were closer to his original work, which I think was the case, rather than the newly released Hogtied Revisited, is debatable. Either way, people were swayin' and dancing, and an overall good vibe was definitely noticeable. This guy is always worth a listen, especially live.